What pillow and mattress is right for me?

Many factors influence which pillow and mattress is right for you. BED MALL offers general recommendations for pillows based on tests that evaluate ergonomic suitability for various body types and sleeping positions.

The best way to determine which mattress is best for you is to rest-test it. We recommend visiting our showroom and taking your time to experience the bed in a way that is as similar as possible to sleeping on it every night. All BED MALL mattresses offer the benefits of the high quality material and are designed to provide the luxury of soft comfort combined with superior support. The model of mattress that is best for you depends significantly on your needs and/or preference for a softer or firmer feel.

Because everyone is unique, we cannot suggest one model will definitely be perfect for you. Please utilize the information on the product sections of our website as well as the knowledge of the sales associate at your local Technogel retailer to decide which model you should purchase.

How should I wash my pillow cover? Are the pillows washable?

All BED MALL pillows come with a soft, “winter cover” that can be removed. The removable “winter cover” may be washed in your washing machine in cool water (no bleach) and line dry is recommended; please refer to the tag on the cover for complete care instructions.

Please note that tampering with this inner cover will void your warranty.

Can I use a mattress cover? Which type of sheets should I use?

We recommend you use a mattress protector between your bed sheets and your mattress.
Most sheets sold on the market should fit the TwinXL, Queen and King sizes accordingly.

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