Royal Auping bv is the largest independent Dutch bed manufacturer with its own production sites in the Netherlands and sales offices in a number of European countries. In addition Auping works closely with international distributors. Auping started as a blacksmith in Deventer in 1888. Johannes Auping started a new trend 125 years ago with the spiral mesh base.

After this the company specialised in beds with a spiral mesh base. This was later supplemented with mattresses and box springs. This way Auping transformed itself into the sleeping specialist and market leader in the Netherlands. By continuously investing in innovation and design, Auping has always maintained its status as a trendsetter in sleeping comfort. The focus in this regard is on three brand values: Ultimate Comfort, Design and Durable Quality.

Auping collaborates with scientists and renowned designers on ongoing product innovation. Knowledge of the sleeping process and the use of new materials and techniques form the basis of Auping’s unique comfort. The craftsmanship, dedication and experience of employees guarantee durable quality and high service levels. By signing the C2C Charter, Auping became the first bed manufacturer in the world to be entitled to call itself a Cradle to Cradle organisation. Auping is aiming to make all business processes, products and services sustainable and compliant with C2C philosophy by 2020.

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Auping AVS® active ventilation and support

The quality of your sleep increases significantly when you can regularly and effortlessly turn over during the night because this stimulates blood circulation, ensures supple joints and lets your skin breathe.

It is important that your mattress provides you with the right kind of support, which is determined by your weight, height, sleeping position and the position of your spine. All Auping mattresses contain DPPS® springs in the ergonomic core, and are then further split up into different, even additional, zones.

The highest level of ventilation is just as important as support because this will keep your body at the right temperature so that you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

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