Comfortable Storage

Get the bigger home

you’ve always wanted

Your dinosaur t-shirt collection, your books on roman ceramics or even your children’s toy.

We all have things we love and when you give them a proper home, you’ll be able to find them easily, display them beautifully or just keep them out of the way with our storage solutions.

The main construction element of the system is a chromium plated tube and smartly designed connecting elements.

  • Innovative appearance.
  • Possible vertical and horizontal connection.
  • Possible installation of shelves, cupboards,or hanger bars.
  • The system provides the options of a light structure based on one carrying profile or a strong structure based on two carrying
  • Easy to install and uninstall in any room.
  • The system provides for versatile wardrobe arrangement.
  • Optional connection with other laminated board furniture units.

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